If you are being tested for the virus THE CDC  has  recommended to use a viral (nucleic acid or antigen) test to diagnose acute infection.

Confirmed Commack  corona virus show  531 on 05/01   521 on  04/29  503  on 04/26 ; 484 infections on 04/25;   421 infections on 04/21 ;  405 on 04/18; 347 on  April 15;   317 on April 12 increasing from 293 on 04/11   The previous list  showed  active cases 
These numbers form the Newsday case  tracker  list  712 on 5/22 and  includes those who tested for antibodies but were never tested for covid. The infection rate translates to 19.3 per 1000 people in the town.

Fatality Data Worksheet  from the NYS Dept. of Health as of May 24,2020    Suburban Fatality  Data Outside of NYC =      59% white       Black =18%         Hispanic= 15%         Asian 4%           other 4%

   0-9 =4                                           Ages 6-19= 10                 Ages  20-29 =86                     Ages 30-39 = 310
Ages 40-49= 821                            Ages 50-59 =2234             Ages 60-69=4565                   Ages 70-79= 6084

Ages 80-89=5992                           Ages 90 plus  =3167               unknown age  = 9

Totals                          Women   9743               Men=13530  

As of    May 24, 2020 the following conditions existed in 89.8% of patients who passed away from the virus according to the NYS Dept. of Health.

Hypertension  12546                     Diabetes 8276                    Alzheimer's 3019                    Coronary Artery Disease    2692

COPD 2128                                   Stroke 1516                        Renal disease  2424                      Hyperlipidemia           4884

https://covid19tracker.health.... to follow NY State statistics.

 In 2016 New Jersey federal district judge Kevin McNulty cited Compagnie Francaise, among other cases, in holding that existing case law on quarantines was sufficient to sustain state officials' defense of qualified immunity in a suit against them brought by Kaci Hickox, a nurse quarantined for 80 hours after she showed a fever upon her return to Newark International Airport from Sierra Leone, where she had been treating victims of the 2014 Ebola outbreak. "I do not find that prior quarantine case law establishes any unconstitutionality" in how she was dealt with, McNulty wrote.[37]


Supreme Court  Justice John Marshall Harlan wrote about the police power of states to regulate for the protection of public health: “The good and welfare of the Commonwealth  of which the legislature is primarily the judge, is the basis on which the police power rests in Massachusetts,” Harlan said “upon the principle of self-defense, of paramount necessity,  a community has the right to protect itself against an epidemic of disease which threatens the safety of its members.”  The case involved required smallpox vaccinations