Craftsman have repaired the old barn and schoolhouse, According to the farm manager they are teaching over 100 veterinary students, for whom a new classroom building is planned on the CW post campus in Greenvale. Students will learn about dairy cattle, chickens and goats on the Commack campus and steer at the Suffolk County farm in Yaphank. Training on horses will be taught elsewhere.
 Open Fields of 8 inch high clover abound. A bee program from the Commack public schools is being put into place on the farm as a collaboration with the College.

The caretaker on the property has to collect golf balls that are lost on this section of the farm school because they are adjacent to the hamlet golf course.

The September 16th, 2019 meeting of the Commack Community Association was held at the Commack Public Library. Our very special  guests were Carmen Fuentealba, Dean of the proposed C W Post Veterinary college and  Dr. James from the Commack School District. Dr. Fuentealba was born and raised in Chili, but earned her Doctor of Veterinary medicine at Texas A+M. The presentation was about  why Long Island University-CW Post Campus leased 7 acres of  the Marion Carll farm , which is owned by the school district..LIU is applying to be the 4th veterinary college in the northeast . There are only 30 veterinary colleges in the United States. .

They  must meet the Town of Huntington's historical building requirements. Dr James reported that the school district had installed a rubber membrane on the house roof .The  barn roof was leaking  and so is being repaired by LIU. They are not involved with the repair of the house.

The Veterinary school must meet  11 standards before they can be certified. They are required to have a place for students to learn to do live exams on chickens,cows,goats and horses.These animals are categorized as Food and Fiber animals.The college would keep a small herd of 10 dry cows, 10 goats and some chickens for 10 students at a time, to practice medical exams on the animals. A dry cow does not produce milk and so daily milking is not required. . The livestock  for the college must be purchased from USDA approved vendors. Of course, there will be livestock manure management. Manure would be sold to a processing plant and removed from the farm property. Sherman Carll, nephew to Marion Carll ,mentioned that there had been a full dairy operation  on 90 acres of the farm when he was a boy.

The Hoyt Farm ranger, Jeff, who attended the meeting mentioned that there is a real need for veterinarians to properly care for livestock on Long Island. He mentioned that in Northport, a farm is flying in a vet from Texas who can properly care for some farm animals .Long Island has many little zoos and farms with livestock.

As far as benefiting  our town,students from the high school might intern at the farm.Younger students would visit the animals on field trips. Jeff,the Hoyt Farm ranger expressed an interest in displaying  a carriage that is sitting in the barn. The superintendent  responded happily "lets  get together and talk about this". 
As an addendum, Western Boces had run an animal husbandry program on this property before  the program was eliminated.