Some CCA members attended the Heartland meeting at the Commack public library last night.

Above are the names of the Suffolk county  committee legislators, who will decide whether to release this bill  for a full vote of the legislature.

The resources of the county are being used up by this project. 

All sewerage waste is treated and dumped into Great South Bay. Any hope of Commack hooking up  to sewers   diminishes with shrinking  capacity.

This project is the vision of a transplanted queens county on our  doorsteps.

Intro. Res. No. 1459-2018                                   Laid on Table 5/15/2018 Introduced by Presiding Officer, on request of the County Executive


   WHEREAS, Heartland Town Square is a proposed three-phase mixed use planned redevelopment district consisting of a combination of residential units and office, retail and civic space located at the former Pilgrim State Psychiatric Center site in Islip, New York outside the boundary of Suffolk County Sewer District No. 3 – Southwest; and

 WHEREAS, based on the Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS), the estimated wastewater flow from the entire Heartland Town Square project is Two Million Five Hundred Thousand gallons per day (2,500,000 GPD) as calculated in accordance with Suffolk County Code (Chapter 740, Article VII, § 740-38, Subsection A); and

 WHEREAS, Heartland Town Square has petitioned and requested the Administrative Head of the District for permission to discharge One Million Six Hundred Thousand Gallons per day (1,600,000 GPD), representing a portion of the Two Million Five Hundred Thousand gallons per day (2,500,000 GPD) of  the project flow estimated based on the SCDHS design standards; and

   WHEREAS, it has been determined by the Administrative Head of the District that the District has wastewater treatment capacity of Two Million Five Hundred Thousand gallons per day (2,500,000 GPD) in excess of its own needs; and

   WHEREAS, the connection is subject to the approval of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC); and

 WHEREAS, the project flow of Two Million Five Hundred Thousand gallons per day (2,500,000 GPD) has received the approval of the Suffolk County Sewer Agency (Resolution No.2-2018) with a connection fee of  Twenty-Four Million Dollars ($24,000,000) at the rate of $15.00 per gallon of flow per day for One Million Six Hundred Thousand gallons per day (1,600,000 GPD) of the district capacity currently requested by Heartland Town Square and for any future additional capacity between 1,600,000 GPD and 2,500,000 GPD at the rate prevailing at the time of purchase of such additional capacity; and

 WHEREAS, pursuant to the State Environmental Quality Review Act, NY Environmental Conservation Law Article 8 (“SEQRA”), the Town of Islip determined Heartland Town Square to be a Type I action; and